Exothermic Connections:

The thermite welding system a miracle of chemistry an easy simple to use in field process for welding copper to copper to steel, without the use of external source. A thermite connection become an integral part of the conductors an external power source. Thermite connections utilize the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum, which when ignited, produced aluminum oxide (in the form of slag) and super-heated copper.

The reaction takes place oxide with molten metal aluminum in various welding applications. The reaction takes place in a molded graphite crucible the pieces to be welded are introduced prior to the reaction. After the powder is ignited, molten metal from the aluminothermic reaction flows around the pieces, causing them to melt and fuse into a solid homogeneous piece.


Exothermic welding connections have been tested, inspected and qualified for successfully meeting qualifications and international reliable standards of UL 467 – Standard for Grounding and Bonding Equipment, EEE 837 – Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connections used in substation grounding.

WAPDA SPECIFICATION P-114:82 This Specification prepared by the Design Department, WAPDA, Pakistan. Thermite Joints For Substation Earthing connection suitable for copper conductors and copper clad steel conductors.

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