Our Reports:

Product Certifications:

Our Products are duly tested and approved by,

o Chief Engineer (Design) SS, NTDC, Lahore
o Chief Engineer (TWS), IESCO,Islamabad
o NESPAK, Lahore
o Barqab Consulting, Lahore

Tests carried out in the following laboratories,
o High Voltage Engineering Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Engineering And Technology, Lahore
o Ministry of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Laboratories Complex, Lahore
o Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Pakistan Institute of Technology For Minerals And Advanced Engineering Materials, Ferozepur Road, Lahore

On our request, the following Type Tests has been carried out in presence of NTDC (Design) Personnel according to International Standard Specification IEEE-837-2002
o Engr. Nasir Osaman, Manager (S&R) Design NTDC
o Engr. JunaidDilawar, Additional Manager (S&R) Design NTDC
o Engr. Muhammad Nadeem, Assistant Manager, Design NTDC
o Engr. Masood, Deputy Manager, Design NTDC
o Syed Abdul RehmanKashif, HVEL, Department of Electrical Engineering, UET, Lahore
o Muhammad Bilal, HVEL, Department of Electrical Engineering, UET, Lahore

1. Temperature Cycling Test
2. Fault Cycling Test
3. Freeze And Thaw Test
4. Corrosion Salt Spray Test
5. Mechanical Pull Out Test
6. Composition Test
7. Resistance Test
8. ElectoMangenatic Force Test

Note: As this product of earthing Material ( Cartridges& Mould) not included in ‘’M Category’’ prequalification list of local manufacturer, Therefore, this item not required Prequalification.

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Thermite Weld/ Rail weld Pakistan according to international standard and specifications.

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