Warning Spheres Marker Ball:

Aviation obstruction marking sphere is designed to provide the daytime visual warning or nighttime visual warning if comes with reflective tape, for electricity transmission line and overhead wire for aircraft pilots, especially cross river high voltage transmission lines.

RedDot OMARK power line marker ball is made of high-grade Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics(FRP), the diameter of 600mm and 800mm are available to meet different customers’ needs. Aircraft warning spheres are also called as marker balls or aerial warning spheres are used as a visual marking of overhead power lines to make power lines visible to aircraft and helicopters.

The warning spheres are attached to the shield wires or to phase conductors, always to the wire or conductor having the highest point. Aircraft warning sphere is designed to provide daytime visual warning or night time visual warning with reflective tape, for electricity transmission line and overhead wire for aircraft pilots. Aerial Warning Spheres marker ball according to international standard specifications: diameter range 25 - 65 inches.


• Power transmission Line
• Overhead line
• Guyed wire for self-supported guyed tower


• Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer durable material with better weather resistant
• Super corrosion resistant character, stainless steel bolts and nuts
• Various size of cable clamps are available to fit for customers’ cable conductor
• Drain holes structure can prevent accumulated rain water inside the spheres
• Stacking compatible design, save storage space and freight charge
• Optional Preformed Armor Rods provide better protection against vibration and abrasion
• Optional Reflective tape is more durable and economical solution for night visibility

Technical Specifications:

• International Standards and as per customer requirement.


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